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Why Choose Us

Selly Punjabis curries are made and produced with the finest Ingredients. We cater both for the Western Public and the Asian Public. The way we normally produce our curries, you will find in every North Indian home around the Country. Now majority of so called Indian Restaurants cater for the Western Public.
Many or shall we say the average Indian Restaurant in the UK insert many powders in there curries and use something called “Indian Base Gravy” for every dish. This is how the so called “Indian Base Gravy Sauce” is made.

The brief description of making “Indian Base Gravy” is:

1. Get a large pot and in the pot insert
2. Water
3. Cabbage
4. Carrots
5. Pepper
6. Onions
7. Selection of various pastes.

Boil for a few hours and then blend. This “Gravy Base Sauce” is then used in every single dish which is produced along with extras added in.

See for yourselves, simply YouTube “How To Make Indian Base Gravy For Indian Restaurants”

Now Selly Punjabi curries:

1. Rapeseed Oil
2. Chilli Powder
3. Cumin Seeds
4. Onions
5. Fresh Garlic
6. Fresh Ginger
7. Fresh Green Chillies
8. Tomatoes (Tinned as we believe they are more juicy than fresh)
9. Tumeric
10. Fresh Coriander
11. Many Secret Family Ingredients

The best way we can describe it to you: Imagine your mothers Roast Dinner with the whole trimmings, how she makes it and what she inserts in it and then compare that with a 99p Roast Dinner you get from some frozen food Superstore, it’s a great difference.

May you enjoy Selly Punjabis.

Michelle Sahota.
Co Founder, Owner and Director