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Welcome to Selly Punjabis

Selly Punjabis dishes offer the Authentic Taste of True North Indian food. Just the way a Traditional Indian person would cook at home. Our meals are ideal for all occasions, be it a lunchtime at your desk meal or a great night in watching the TV. Entirely your choice. Selly Punjabis aim is to serve High Quality Traditional Homemade Food. Find out more Why we are so different/special.

There are 3 Concepts to Selly Punjabis:
Frozen Food, Lunchtime Snacks & Meals and finally we cater for any kind of Functions & Events.

  • Selly Punjabis

    Selly Punjabis Introduction

    We at Selly Punjabis pride ourselves in serving High Quality Frozen Curries. Our motto is just to HEAT and EAT. Selly Punjabis was launched due to the lack of Indian food being available during lunchtimes. Normally Indian food would be served in the evenings but with us you can eat whenever you feel like it. Just simply place in the microwave, or if left to defrost pop it in a saucepan to heat.

  • Our Curries

    Frozen Curry

    All our frozen curries are Randomly Quality Tested, to ensure that when heated, they look, smell and taste just as fresh as the moment they were created. If you’re in a rush no need to defrost, simply place in the microwave at normal heat, stir a few times and when piping hot, SERVE.

  • Quality

    Healthy Ingredients

    We at Selly Punjabis aim to use the Highest of Quality Ingredients. We cook as if they were produced in India or in a traditional Indian home. Some of the ingredients are Cumin Seeds, Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Green Chillies, Garam Masala, Turmeric, Coriander, secret Recipes and much much more. Not only that but we have also received the highest rating in food hygiene.

I’ve had many curries from different takeaways and restaurants, but I have to say Selly Punjabis curries have to be the best I have ever tasted. I now realise that in all the years I have eaten curries I have never actually tasted a real traditional Indian home-cooked dish until now. I will definitely be back with regular orders. Thanks also for a wonderful delivery service with a smile..

Ashton Brown